Anonymous: never in my 20 years of life have i ever seen a prettier human being than you, every time i see a photo of you on my dash i have to take a moment of silence and re-evaluate my existence

Woah man thank you. No appearance should make you reevaluate your existence though

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Anonymous: I freaking love you more than my body loves oxygen.You're smile is that one thing that could literally make my life worth living.I am no where near as adorable as you.You make me smile every second of my life.You make me happy. You don't know me but then I don't give a fuck. I love you <3

Wow this is really passionate! Do I know you in real life?

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Anonymous: you're so beautiful oh my goodness

Thank you my darling

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Anonymous: Favorite celebrity couple?

Stoya and James Deen lol

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Anonymous: Are you dating someone right now or still single? much love xx

Single in theory

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Anonymous: I miss how you post Question and Answer video here on tumblaa :3

People started stealing them and my coworkers started watching them haha

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